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Tüm Türkiye 1 Ekim 2022

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Mystifying Departure
In September Last Year, A Video Was Posted On Social Networks Of How The Us President Was Distracted Nearby Something And Hand During A Speech Not Later Than His Partner Jill Biden. Regardless How, A Some Seconds Later He Returned And Spoke From The Podium. The Fracas Occurred During A Call To Harmonious Of The American Schools. What Happened At That Jiffy With Biden Remains Nameless, As There Were No Endorsed Explanations.

An Unexpected Upon Relating To A Schoolgirl
In May 2021, Speaking At A Military Fundamental Principle İn Virginia, Biden Feverishly İnterrupted His Speech And Addressed A Mademoiselle Who Was Sitting At The Edge Of The Stage.

“buddy” And “the Bloke One More Time There”
In Cortege 2021, Biden Congratulated Female Servicemen And Мейд A Faux Pas That Спрэд As A Consequence The American Media: The Us President Could Not Remember The Tag Of Defense Churchman Lloyd Austin, Who Was Stagnant A Some Meters Away From Him.

Biden’s Fantastic Mimic
In October Matrix Year, The Head Of The Collective States Talked To Voters İn The Design Of A Townhall (Citywide Assembly) On Cnn. In Separate, When The Presenter Presume From İn A Uncertainty Nearly The Classification Of İnflation İn The Motherland, The Chair Of The Pallid Building Perverted His Arms At The Elbows, Clenched His Fists And Stood İn This Placement Representing About 15 Seconds
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