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Tüm Türkiye 13 Şubat 2023

{ İŞ : 7657 110 6522 }   { CEP : 0445 833 1363 }

Pilates Near Me
Lux Pilates Studio Offers A Range Of Signature Classes Designed To İmprove Both Your Body And Mind. Whether You Are Looking To Sculpt Your Body, Burn Fat, Or Simply Unwind, We Have A Class For You.

Our Fundamental Flow Class İs The Perfect Blend Of Body And Spirituality. If You Spend Long Hours İn Front Of A Computer, This Class İs For You. Our Professional İnstructors Will Guide You Through A Series Of Movements That Will Help You Reconnect With Your Body And Achieve A Sense Of Peace And Calm.

For Those Looking To Achieve A Toned And Lean Body, Our Body Sculpt Class İs The İdeal Choice. Our Experienced İnstructors Will Lead You Through A Series Of Exercises Designed To Sculpt Your Body And İmprove Your Overall Fitness.

If You’re Looking For A Fast And Effective Workout, Our Bootcamp Class İs For You. This High-Intensity Class Will Help You Burn Fat And Get Fit İn No Time. And, With A Focus On Mind And Serenity, You’ll Leave Feeling Refreshed And Rejuvenated.

But, İf You’re Looking For Something A Little More Relaxed, Our Lux Extend’N Sip Class İs The Perfect End To A Long Day. This End-Of-Day Class Focuses On Your Flexibility And Mobility And İs Followed By A Free Glass Of Wine And A Few Laughs With Friends On Our Beautiful Balcony. With A Focus On Resetting Both Your Body And Mind, This Class İs The Perfect Treat For Yourself.

So, Whether You’re Looking To İmprove Your Overall Fitness, Reset Your Body And Mind, Or Simply Unwind, Lux Pilates Studio Has The Class For You. And, İf You’re New To Pilates, Sign Up For A Free İntro Class Today And Experience The Many Benefits Of This Amazing Exercise Method. With Science, Health Professionals, And Athletes All Backing Pilates, İt’s Never Been A Better Time To Get Started!


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