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Tüm Türkiye 21 Mayıs 2021

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The Line Between Social Networking And Gaming İs İncreasingly Blurring, And İnternet İncumbents Are Taking Notice. Netease, The Second-Largest Gaming Company İn China (Behind Tencent), İs Among A Group Of İnvestors Who Just Backed Imvu, An Avatar-Focused Social Network Operating Out Of California.

Menlo Park-Based Structural Capital Among Other İnstitutions That Also Joined İn The Strategic Round Totaling $35 Million. Imvu Has Raised More Than $77 Million From Five Rounds Since İt Was Co-Founded By €Œthe Lean Startup” Author Eric Ries Back İn 2004. The Company Declined To Disclose İts Post-Money Valuation.

The Fresh İnvestment Will Be Used To Fund Imvu’S Product Development And Comes Fresh Off A Restructuring At The Company. A New Parent Organization Called Together Labs Was Formed To Oversee İts Flagship Platform Imvu, İn Which Users Can Create Virtual Rooms And Chat With Strangers Using Custom Avatars, A Product That’S Today Considered By Some A Dating Platform; A New Service Called Vcoin, Which Lets Users Buy, Gift, Earn And Convert A Digital Asset From The Imvu Platform İnto Fiat; And Other Virtual Services.

Founded İn 2005, Netease İs Now Known For İts News Portal, Music Streaming App, Education Products And Video Games That Compete With Those Of Tencent. It Has Over The Years Made A Handful Of Minority İnvestments İn Companies Outside China, Though İt’S Not Nearly As Aggressive As Tencent İn Terms Of İnvestment Pace And Volume.

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